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Welcome to our Summer news page. If you have any news you wish to share, please contact us at the E mail address below.

Unfortunately, a very small number of lodge owners who do not subscribe to the lakes are still advertising their holiday lets with free fishing. We warmly welcome all new subscribers and shareholders, but will continue to ensure that access to the lakes remains exclusive to eligible lodge owners. Sadly we have had to exclude holiday makers this season without fishing entitlement. Thanks to Andrew Williams and Jon Lattimer for their diligent policing of the site.
We consider that the annual subscription is excellent value for money and if any members of HFLOA would like more information about lakes subscription or shareholding, please contact us at Your continued support enables us to continue our work to improve the quality of the fishing, and to enhance the wildlife/nature reserve.


We received such good feedback from the March open day/picnic, and will be hosting another during November owners week. All Hartland Forest lodge owners, whether members of HFLOA or not, are welcome. We will be providing hot food and beverages and look forward to meeting up with neighbours, long standing and more recent. We look forward to discussing our future plans for the site, and welcome input.
We will also be holding the traditional working party during owners week. We will aim to plant commemorative trees to celebrate the Queen's platinum jubilee GREEN CANOPY INITIATIVE. As previously advised, we will be seeking donations for the purchase of trees. We expect the cost to be in the region of £50 each, for the size and quality of trees we require, but will notify owners once we have more information. 

A shareholder has suggested that we include site maps on this web site, and these can now be accessed from the home page. We have also included a map showing the numbered Hartland Forest lodges. Owners who rent may like to direct their guests to this. 


We are continuing the programme of works to improve the fishing platforms, a number of which are showing signs of dilapidation. If you are aware of any platforms requiring replacement or restoration please notify us at The platforms are now numbered for identification. Similarly some of the life buoys have required maintenance and this has been addressed over the Spring months. Records of all maintenance/replacements are available for inspection.
The urgent reconstruction of the damaged banks on the top lake continues. With expert guidance from lodge owner Nick Benge, and using donated and recycled materials where possible, we have been able to greatly reduce the cost of this urgent work. This enables us to maintain the very low cost of subscriptions, but we rely heavily on our amazing voluteers. If any lodge owners are able to get involved (even a couple of hours is greatly appreciated), please contact us at the e mail address below. We have also now stopped the top lake from overflowing. Jon Lattimer has done an excellent job, and we are hugely indebted to him for all his efforts. 



We would like to thank new owners AJ and Ian from Clementine Cottage for the donation of building materials to complete the siting of the beachside picnic table, and also for materials used in the repair of the lake paths, steps and fishing platforms. The bench now has a solid base, and there is also a life buoy and waste bin sited near by. 


We thought it might be an opportune time to aquaint newer owners with the great strides that we have taken in the regeneration of the wildlife pond. In 2017 Lynne Newton identified that the Parrot Feather weed which was choking the wildlife pond had begun to spread to the main lakes. Parrot Feather if left unchecked will threaten the survival of the fish stocks. The photo (right) shows Lynne Newton and previous chairman Steve Loades trying to manually remove the parrot feather weed from the wildlife pond. The task proved too much for our intrepid volunteers and we had to resort to removal by means of a mechanical digger. The following years saw the replanting of vegetation damaged in the exercise and the regeneration of the land around the pond.
This project has resulted in the lovely pond we now have, with a small viewing platform, and a picnic bench adjacent to it. 


Jon Lattimer was joined by a team from Devon Wildlife Trust, on Thursday 11th August, to try to contain the Himalayan Balsam. Left unchecked the Himalayan Balsam would threaten to overwhelm the vegetation river side, and elsewhere, leaving the river banks liable to erosion and increase the risk of flooding.

We continue to receive such good feedback from Anglers, who appreciate the quality of the fish and the peace and solitude of the surroundings. Many thanks to Andrew Williams for all his efforts in maintaining our high standards, and for the assistance he has afforded visitors to the site. 

We are pleased to advise that we are making a limited number of fishing rods/equipment available to visitors, on a "first come, first served" basis. We will be making a small charge, to cover the cost of the equipment. As usual, we are trying to make angling available to as many visitors as possible, at a reasonable cost. In the absence on site of our Water Bailiff Andrew Williams, and Grounds and Maintenance Manager Jon Lattimer, there will be an honesty box. We are hoping that a charge of £5 per day will cover our costs. Both Andrew and Jon are happy to offer help and advice to visitors. If the initiative proves popular we will look to extending it into 2023. 
We continue to monitor the quality of the water during this particularly hot spell, but if any visitors become aware of any problems, please contact us at our e mail address, below. This year has seen an unusually large number of seagull visitors, probably driven from their usual habitats due to the prevailing weather conditions. Andrew has been, and will continue to monitor this to ensure it doesn't become a problem for visitors, or detrimental to the site. 

Following publication of the website, we have received some very positive comments and interesting suggestions. 
Please keep your ideas coming, we will investigate the viability, costs and safety issues involved, but our income is limited! 

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