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Welcome to our Summer news page. If you have any news you wish to share, please contact us at the E mail address below.


Thank you to all the lodge owners who have subscribed this year we consider that the annual subscription remains excellent value for money and all monies are used for the betterment of the site.
We warmly welcome all new subscribers and shareholders and your support will ensure that access to the site remains exclusive to eligible lodge owners and guests staying in their lodge.
If any members of HFLOA would like more information about share purchase or annual subscriptions please contact us at

Thank you to all the owners (and dogs Olly and Dolly) who joined us for our working party and lunch at the lakes in March. Thanks to the on going efforts of volunteers Jon Lattimer and Andrew Williams, there wasn't as much to do as usual. However, we need to work on the culm grass area in November, which is fairly labour intensive, so we will be calling on support nearer the time. 

The Directors and Management are delighted that our valued member of the Management team, Megan Bick, has been awarded the MBE. Congratulations to Megan for this recognition of her life's work.
We have asked Megan if we can share some of her work and experiences, and she has kindly provided the following. For reasons of security, Megan's message is confined to those activities which do not compromise individuals still working in some sectors of the region.

"Learning Russian in the 1970s at school was just for fun, and I never thought it would lead to a lifetime of the most fascinating work. Whilst working at Keston College, I first became involved with the USSR, in support of imprisoned believers. Once Gorbachev instigated Glasnost, it was possible to live and work in Russia, and in 1988 I went as a British Council lecturer to teach in universities, first in Moscow, then Kharkov, and finally Leningrad (as it was still called at that time). 
I managed to get a place to do an MA at SSEES (Slavonic School of East European Studies) at London University, just as the Soviet Union was collapsing, 1991-1992. It was at that time I helped with the Hospice Movement start up in Russia, and, along with the British Ambassador's wife and a group of dedicated trustees, helped to set up the BEARR Trust (British Emergency Aid for Russia and the Republics). In spring 1992 I took a lorry load of medical supplies as far as the Urals , and later that year opened our office in Moscow. From aid deliveries, we moved on to Charity Development, all within the area of health and social welfare. I have also worked on a range of programmes supporting various marginalised groups, all within the 15 countries of the former Soviet Union, including farming techniques for women headed households in Tajikstan, and support for holocaust victims in Ukraine. 
It has been a privilege to work in this region, and to meet the most amazing people, and having a lodge at Hartland Forest has been my peaceful bolt hole. The peace and solitude of Clifford Water Lakes and the commitment to ecology and the environment has been a balm to the
If any owners would like more information, or to support or donate to the BEARR Trust please see 

Our new solar powered aerator is up and running, though the permanent placement has yet to be finalised. This much needed addition will help to ensure the quality of the fish environment, particularly in times of hot weather when the oxygen supply to the fish is depleted. Thanks to Jon Lattimer for his bespoke facility which saved us much needed funds. 

Clifford Water Lakes are now members of the Angling Trust which share our objectives of promoting safe and responsible angling and the environment. The Angling Trust are a not for profit organisation which relies on members subscriptions. If anyone is interested in the benefits of becoming a member and supporting the work of the Angling Trust, please see


The trial of fishing equipment which can be used by visitors to the site has been very well received, and we will be continuing to offer the equipment this year, subject to availability. There is a donation box on the exit gates, with a suggested donation of £5 per day. The donations will be used to maintain and improve the equipment on offer

Woolsery resident Jim Kendall has passed away recently and his widow Pam has donated all Jim's fishing equipment for the use of visitors to Clifford Water Lakes, This is a substantial donation which will enable us to extend the loan facility to more users.
Our sincere condolences to Pam the family and friends, Your very kind and generous donation will ensure more people have access to Jim's love of fishing.

A shareholder has suggested that we include site maps on this web site, and these can now be accessed from the home page. We have also included a map showing the numbered Hartland Forest lodges. Owners who rent may like to direct their guests to this. 


We are continuing the programme of works to improve the fishing platforms, a number of which are showing signs of dilapidation. If you are aware of any platforms requiring replacement or restoration please notify us at The platforms are now numbered for identification. Similarly some of the life buoys have required maintenance and this has been addressed over the Spring months. Records of all maintenance/replacements are available for inspection.
The urgent reconstruction of the damaged banks on the top lake continues. Two areas have now been completed, and other areas will be addressed when time and finances allow. We rely on our amazing team of volunteers to maintain the very low cost of subscriptions, and if any lodge owners are able to get involved, their help would be greatly appreciated. Even a couple of hours makes a real difference, and if you can offer help, please contact us at the e mail address below. We have also now stopped the top lake from overflowing. Jon Lattimer has done an excellent job, and we are hugely indebted to him for all his efforts. 



We would like to thank new owners AJ and Ian from Clementine Cottage for the donation of building materials to complete the siting of the beachside picnic table, and also for materials used in the repair of the lake paths, steps and fishing platforms. The bench now has a solid base, and there is also a life buoy and waste bin sited near by. 


We thought it might be an opportune time to aquaint newer owners with the great strides that we have taken in the regeneration of the wildlife pond. In 2017 Lynne Newton identified that the Parrot Feather weed which was choking the wildlife pond had begun to spread to the main lakes. Parrot Feather if left unchecked will threaten the survival of the fish stocks. The photo (right) shows Lynne Newton and previous chairman Steve Loades trying to manually remove the parrot feather weed from the wildlife pond. The task proved too much for our intrepid volunteers and we had to resort to removal by means of a mechanical digger. The following years saw the replanting of vegetation damaged in the exercise and the regeneration of the land around the pond.
This project has resulted in the lovely pond we now have, with a small viewing platform, and a picnic bench adjacent to it. 

We continue to receive such good feedback from Anglers, who appreciate the quality of the fish and the peace and solitude of the surroundings. Many thanks to Andrew Williams for all his efforts in maintaining our high standards, and for the assistance he has afforded visitors to the site. 

We continue to monitor the quality of the water during this particularly hot spell, but if any visitors become aware of any problems, please contact us at our e mail address, below. 

Following publication of the website, we have received some very positive comments and interesting suggestions. 
Please keep your ideas coming, we will investigate the viability, costs and safety issues involved, but our income is limited! 

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