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Fishing on the main upper Lake is a wonderful experience with a large variety of fish including carp, both common and mirror, with weights of up to and beyond 30lb. There is also an abundance of Rudd, Tench and Roach up to 1.5 lbs, Bream 2lbs+ and also some hybrid fish including Golden Orfe and Golden Rudd with swim depths from 2ft to 8ft across the Lake.
Landing stage and grass level pegs are positioned around the Lakes with plenty of room. 

The island lake has swim depths of between 1ft on the
beach side and from 6ft to 10ft at each end of the Lake.
There are 2 single landing stages and 1 large family
stage. all with anti-slip mesh for enhanced safety.

Surface float fishing in the warmer months is excellent.
Method feeder on the bottom has yielded large
catches of fish in excess of 100lbs in a single session, with
carp up to 30lb+ and also an abundance of Roach,
Rudd and Bream.

Winter fishing is for the more experienced angler.
The island lake is more challenging but still gives good catches. 
In accordance with our rules a minimum line breaking strain of 12lbs, an unhooking matt and a minimum of a 36inch landing net all apply. The rules apply to both the upper and island Lakes. without exception.

Our fish are healthy and in excellent condition. We must insist that all nets are dipped in our disinfectant tub by the gate before commencing fishing to eliminate the risk of disease being introduced to our site from other sources. Again, there are no exceptions to this rule and it will take just a few minutes to comply.

Our Bailiff and volunteers are often on site and will be happy to offer advice or help with any problems you may have. Please respect our volunteers and rules.

From the novice angler to the more experienced, you will not be disappointed.If you have any suggestions on how to improve your visit to Clifford Water Lakes we would love to hear them.If you have any photos or "fishy" tales you would like to share please contact us at the Email address below.

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