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Future projects

There is a potential problem with a few areas of bank on the top lake. It has eroded and sunk due to excessive overflowing of the lake over several years. With the expert guidance of lodge owner Nick Benge, whose business is, in part, building lakes and lakes/water management, we will achieve the best solution. Observant lodge owners will have spotted Nick up to his neck in water at various points in the two fishing lakes. We will take steps to remedy the problem as and when finances permit. 

(Update) Work now started in two areas


Also under consideration, we will look at managing the fish stocks in the lakes to provide more variety for anglers.

We have now dedicated the beach - side area for younger anglers. A new picnic bench has been placed there. The fishing rules still apply in this area, and all under sixteens must be supervised. Please dispose of all litter. If you have any ideas in which we can improve the area, please contact us at our E mail address.


To celebrate the Platinum Anniversary of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and in accordance with her wishes, we hope to plant an area of native fruit trees and other native trees which will hopefully be an enduring testament to the reign of Her Majesty as well as offering all year round attraction for birds, bees and other insects and provide some fruit for users to the site. We hope to have a notice board, similar to the wildlife board next to the picnic bench, to commemorate the Platinum Anniversary. As our funds are limited, we will be seeking donations from interested members. We anticipate that trees in the size, origin and quality we seek, will be in the order of £50 each. Purchase of the trees, and planting will take place later in the year. 

There are now two new picnic benches on site, the one beach - side, the other near the wildlife pond. These are available for all users to the site, either for picnic, or just to enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Reconstruction of the collapsed platform 4 has now been completed. All platforms will be monitored for any safety issues, but if you become aware of any problems, please notify us at our E mail address.

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